Journal number - 3

Voiz Koshifi about Political Ethics and State Management

Mirboboyev Maksudjohn Kariakramovich, Djonnazarova Dilshoda Khudoynazarovna

Philosophical sciences

Some Problems of Criticism in Reference to New Tajik Literature of the 20-ies of the xx-th Century [Commentary to one Article by Sharifjon Khuseynzade in the Journal “Rahbary Donish” (Guide to Knowledge)]

Saidkhodjaeva Malikahon Aliyevna

Philological sciences

Periodization of Persian Gazel of the XX-th Century in Iran

Расулзода Алидод

Philological sciences

About One List of ”Tazkire Fahmu”

Mirzoyunus Matluba (Khojayeva Matluba Yunusovna)

Philological sciences

Prerequisits of Resistance Poetry Rise and Formation in Sadriddin Aini’s Creation

Tursunov Nodir Tolibovich

Philological sciences

Germination of Modern Industrial Architecture of Tajikistan (1924 – 1980-ies)

Mamadjanova Saliya Mamadjanovna, Mukimov Rustam Samatovich

Historical sciences and archeology

Reflection of Political Events of the First Half of the XIX-th century and Activities of Well-Known Personalities of Kokand Khanate in “Muntahab-ut-Tavorikh”

Abdukarimov Djamoliddin Akhmadaliyevich

Historical sciences and archeology

The Mechanism of Development of Russian-Tajik Relations in the Field of Labour Migration

Aliyeva Rafoat Rashidovna

Historical sciences and archeology

The Role of Verb Stem in Formation of Complex Words Referring to Dvanda Type (on the Materials of Bedil`s Poetry)

Olimjohnov Muso Obidovich

Philological sciences

About Ethnical Structure of Sughd Viloyat Population in the Epoch of Antiquity

Tursunov Buston Rakhmonovich, Mamatkulov Djurabek Abduganiyevich

Historical sciences and archeology

Reviews on “Kulliyot” by Buiskhoki At’ima Shirazi

Zokiri Mustafo, Pulatova Shoira Solidjonovna


Temporal Prepositions in Shugnanian and German Languages in Correlative Elucidation

Mamadaslamov Mamadsaid Saidaslamovich

Philological sciences
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