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Translation of «Sharaf un-Nabi» by Najmuddin Rovandi


Hamroboyev Nasimjohn Abdullojohnovich


The article dwells on the problem dealing with a rise of life description and biography compositions on the example of the book «Sharaf an-Nabi» by Abusa`d Khargush-i Nishopuri which was translated from Arabic into Persian by Najmuddin Rovandi. The book consisted of a multitude of information concerned with history and the following sciences: kalom, ethics, hadis studies, religion studies, events referring to the first century of Islam existence, proofs and evidences about Muhammad`s prophecy mission. Najmuddin Rovandi chose the style of sense translation, therefore his book concedes to Arabic original in volume.

Translation of the book «Sharaf an-Nabi» as a historical and biographic source acquired an unprecedented popularity in the Islamic world. Abundant usage of kiss and tales, parables and edifications impart great artistic and literary values to the book.


Sharaf an-Nabi, translation from Arabic into Persian, Rovandi, Khargushi, life description, Muhammad, talkhis, sense translation, «Rohat as-sudur», types of translation


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Thursday, 30 June 2016