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The Peculiarities of Translation of Phraseological Sentences from Tajik into Russian


Saidkhojayeva Musabbekhon Nasimjohnonvna


The article dwells on the problem of phraseological sentences and their translation into Russian. The latters are explored according to three sources – primordial phraseological sentences, phraseological sentences, derivatives from phraseological word-combinations and those ones created on the basis of proverbs and sayings. Attention is paid mostly to compound phraseological sentences. Sensible and structural peculiarities of compound phraseological sentences are analyzed under the angle of different semantic relations of simple sentences making up compound ones by translating Tajik examples into Russian; their analogy, correspondence, translation and comments in both languages being determined. The article is a certain contribution into the researches in Tajik paremiology. In the frames of phraseological sentences the author showed a number of non-consistencies in the translation of Tajik proverbs and sayings into Russian.


phraseological units, structure of phraseologisms, simple phraseological sentences, compound phraseological sentences, semantic relations, simple sentences, semantic wholeness


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Thursday, 30 June 2016