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The Peculiarities of Usage of Compound Words in Naqibkhon Tughral`s Poems


Rahmatova D. A.


The article dwells on the peculiarities of imaginative, stylistic and linguistic analysis of Nagibkhon Tughral`s gazelles. Morphological analysis of the vocabulary of Naqibkhon Tughral`s collection of gazelles testify to his adherence to the traditional ways of Tajik word-building and the peculiarities of poetical creation and style. In her article the author canvasses Tugral`s usage of compound words in lyrical works which are classified according to morphological means. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that in the creation of the representatives of Indian poetical style, Tughral Ahrori`s gazelles inclusive, a great amount of compound words are used that is the peculiarity of the above-mentioned poetical style.



compound words‚ Bedil`s style, Naqibkhon Tughral creations, Indian style, new meaning, knowledge of language, poetical ability, poetical status


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Publication date

Thursday, 21 January 2016