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The Most Important Scientific-Artistic Peculiarities of Abdulkhusyen Zarrinkub`s Book «Az Kuchai Rindon» («From The Street of Hedonists»)


Igamova Iroda Khudoyberdiyevna


In her article the author made an endeavour to disclose the most important scientific-artistic aspects of the book «Az Kuchai Rindon» by the outstanding Iranian literary critic Abdulkhuseyn Zarrinkub; taking into consideration the opinion of Iranian scholars he resorted to the newest scientific sources «From the Street of Hedonists»is written in flowery style‚ it is devoted to the life and creation of the great Persian poet of the XIII-th of century Khofizi Sherozi. The latter is scantily studied by the Tajik literary critics. I. Igamova determines the peculiarities of the production in question‚ she singles out four of them being the principal ones. They are: «method of conveying proper names and that one of titling chapters»‚ «method of normative use of historic factors»‚ «method of resorting to versified citations or testifying beyts»‚ «style of expression and scientific-artistic language of Zarrinkub being non-easily understandable». The individuality of Khuseyn Zarrinkub distinguished with talented nature is briefly characterized; the works of this literary critic dwelling on Khofizi Sherozi`s life and creation being elucidated.


Persian literature of the XIII-th century‚ «Az Kuchai Rindon» («From the Street of Hedonists»)‚ life and creation of Khafiz Sherozi‚ khafiziana‚ exploration‚ Abulkhuseyn Zarrinkub


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015