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«Sharhi taaruf» and its Influence over other Sufi Sources


Sattorov Abduvali Khamidovich


«Sharkhi Taarruf» by Abuibrokhim ibn Ismail inb Mukhammad ibn Abdullakh Mustamilli Bukhori is the very ancientest pattern of mystical prose the most important problems of sufizm found their reflection in. The book exerted essential influence over all subsequent prosaic Sufi compositions .

The author of the article makes an endeavour to determine the influence of Mustamilli Bukhori`s composition over the two mostly well-known originals of Sufi ideas: «Kashf-al-Makhjub» («Discovery of the Sincerest») by Khudjviri and «Tazkirat-ul-avliyou» («Anthology of the Saint») by Sheikh Attor. Proceeding from correlation of the books in question the author comes to the following conclusion: a) Mustamilli Bukhori`s book served as the main source for Khudjviri`s composition. If the author of «Sharkhi Taarruf» is more inclined to detailed transposition‚ Khudjviri is prone to lapidary style; b) in the process of writing «Tazkirat-ul-avliyou» Sheik Attor also used the book «Sharkhi Taarruf»‚ however‚ in order to avoid reiteration he creatively used the short stories adduced in Mustamilli Bukhori`s work


history of Tajik-Persian prose‚ mystical prose‚ Kalobodi Bukhori‚ «Sharkhi Taarruf» by Mustamilli Bukhori‚ «Kashf-ul-makhjub» by Khudjviri‚ «Tazkirat-ul-avliyo» by Attor


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015