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To the Issue of Researching Phraseological Units Expressing Emotions of Man in Languages of Different Structures


Oripova M. H.


The article dwells on the research of phraseological units expressing man’s emotions in three languages: English, Russian and Tajik. The author considers the microfield of emotions from the linguistic point of view and adduces a number of examples with phraseological units from different languages. The author makes an endeavour to analyze PhUs of the microfield of emotions (negative ones – fright, anxiety, anguish, suffering, shame; and positive ones – love/passion, traquillity/happiness) from the point of their semantics. She asserts that some Ph Us having a positive evaluation in one language may be perceived in the negative in another language. It depends on an appurtenance of certain languages to different linguistic groups, on world vision, level of education and culture on the part of real English mediators. Proceeding from seme analysis the author elicits general and approximate correspondence of  PhUs differentiative semantic signs in significantive-denotative meaning of PU, it is a basis for definition of phraseological equivalents and analogues in correlative languages. Differences in semantics of PhUs in question are accounted for by a limited row of semantic subgroups in the languages considered. In the languages researched a shift towards PhUs expressing man’s negative emotions is observed. This fact exists due to a much acuter differentiated emotional and speech-thinking reaction of people to negative phenomena. Such irregularity is accounted for by different ways of expression in reference to the peculiarities of every day life, social establishments and psychological nature of people living in different countries and speaking different languages.      


emotion, emotivity, phraseological unit, microfield of emotion, man and language, phraseologisms with the meaning of emotions, correlative analysis.


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Publication date

Thursday, 21 January 2016