Gafforov Numonjon Usmonjonovich was born on September 22, 1968 in Dushanbe in an intelligent family. Tajik. Laureate of Ismoili Somoni State Prize. Exemplary of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan. Member of the Democratic Party of Tajikistan. Member of the Journalists’ Union of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Having graduated from the faculty of History of Tajik State University named after V.I. Lenin (now Tajik National University) in 1990 Gafforov N. began his activity as a probationer-researcher in the chair of Tajik People’s History of TSU. In 1991-1994 he took post graduate course. In the period of 1994-2006 he worked as an assistant and a senior teacher of the chair of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of the chair of International Relations, chief of the research department of TSULBP. In 2006-2007 Gafforov N.U. was a coordinator of “Sharq” research center in Sughd region. In the period of 2007- 2009 he worked as a chief of the publishing department in the Institute of Economy and Trade of Tajik State University of Commerce in Khujand.  Since November 2009 up to November 2012 he was a full time doctoral applicant of the chair of Tajik People’s History of Tajik National University. In the period of 2012-2017 Gafforov N.U. occupied different positions: specialist of the research department, chief of the department of master degree, post-graduate and doctoral study, Professor of the chair of History and Philology, chief of the department for training research and educational personnel of Tajik State University of Commerce.

From September 1, 2017 Gafforov N.U. continued his activity as a Professor of the chair of Tajik People’s History in TSULBP. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Tajikistan from November 30, 2017, #6875 Gafforov N.U. is appointed a Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation of Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics.

In 1999 Gafforov N.U. defended candidate dissertation on the theme “Jadids’ cultural and educational activity in Bokhara Emirates (early XXth century) and in 2014 defended doctoral dissertation on the theme “Jadids Movement in Central Asia” (end of XIXth - beginning of XXth century)”.

Gafforov N.U. contributes his mite in training high qualified specialists in history sphere. He is the member of the Dissertational Councils under Tajik National University on the majors “Country (home) history” and “General History, History of International Relations and Foreign Policy”.

Gafforov N.U. is an author of 4 monographs, 4 scientific booklets, 3 scientific-journalistic books, 4 educational manuals and more than 100 scientific articles.

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Office phone: (+992) 3422  23594

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The editorial ethics of the journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian Sciences» is based on a number of leading principles when releasing articles. The editorial board aspires to preclude plagiat and publication of spurious data. Efforts are exerted for providing regular and timely releases of journal numbers. The journal is edited with a compulsory author`s resume of each published article, review and recension and key words to it in the English language.

         Intellectual contents of a manuscript of articles are assessed irrespective of race, sex, persuasion, origin, citizenship or author`s political preferences. Each article undergoes a preliminary recension. Any manuscript received for recension is looked upon as a confidential document. Reviewers consider articles proceeding from their contents, but not from author`s reputation. Double blind review is applied in the journal.

         Articles submitted must:

-         correspond to the declared scientific streamlines of the edition;

-         correspond to goals and aims set;

-         to be referred to the certain telic audience.

Articles submitted for publication ought to be self-sufficient, new researches of authors (not published in other editions) belonging to them themselves only. The work should be a peculiar one, if productions or statements of other authors are used respective bibliographical references or sequences must be presented. A quality of the research should respond to declared goals and volumes.

         Into the bargain, the editorial board aspires to maintain geographical diversity of the origin (variety) of both authors and reviewers. Authors are recommended to observe ethical norms when submitting a list of authors (ethical coauthorship), to exclude «donative» authorship, to publish sources of financing and etc.

         Authors are obliged:

-         to present authentic results of work or exploration done;

-         to take part in the process of expert assessment of the article. The editor-in-chief may ask for initial data of a scientific article for editorial review and authors should be ready to provide an open access to the formers if it is possible, in any case they must keep initial materials in the course of a reasonable period of time elapsed after publications;

-         to guarantee that the results of the research expounded in the manuscript are a self-sufficient and original work;

-         to adduce only authentic facts and data in the manuscript;

-         to realize that they bear a primary responsibility for novelty and authenticity of the results of scientific research;

-         not to admit double publications;

-         to submit an original manuscript to the journal which wasn`t offered to another journal and isn`t considered anywhere at the current moment; the article shouldn`t have been printed in any scientific collection beforehand.

The article isn`t published:

1)    if theme and contents are in discrepancy;

2)    if the list of the literature used is absent;

3)    in case the annotation presented is poor;

4)    the contents of the article are non-understandable;

5)    the article isn`t framed qualitatively and etc.



Institutor and publisher – Tajik State University of Law‚ Business and Politics

The journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian Sciences» (ISSN 2413-2004),  the old title « Bulletin of TSU LBP» (ISSN 2218-256X), being founded in  2000. Since June 2011 the journal  was included into the inventory of HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) editions. Up to January 2015 the it had the following rubriques: 1. Jurisprudence; 2. Economics; 3. Philosophy and Politology; 4. Philology; 5. History and Social Sciences; 6. Methods of Teaching.

In pursuance with item 3 of Supplement #1 to order 793 of RF MSE (Ministry of Science and Education)  from  July 25‚ 2014‚  the Learned Council of the Tajik State University of Law‚ Business and Politics adopted the resolution concerned with the division of «Bulletin of TSU LBP» into two series:

1. «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Social Sciences»;

2. «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian Sciences». According to the requirements of All Russia Classificator (ARC -17-2013) of Higher Scientific Classification Specialities (HSCS) per three branches of science from the former «Bulletin of TSU LBP» were included into «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian Sciences»: historical sciences and archeology (07.00.00)‚ philosophical sciences (09.00.00)‚ philological sciences (10.00.00).

Periodical release – per 4 issues a year.

The edition has been registered in ISSN International Centre – ISSN number 2413-2004 (print); 2410-8308 (online).

The journal has been registered in the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan Republic (Certificate #517 from 28.01.2000; #183/mj from 04.12.2013; #0233/ MJ from August 18, 2015).

Information about the articles published is regularly submitted in accordance with the established form to the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI).

«Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian  Sciences» also has a full text network version in the Internet on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library of the Russian Federation.

The journal is reviewed in the foreign database «Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory» (USA)

Reprinting of the materials of the journal  is admitted only provided an agreement with the editorial board is attained.

Minimal systemic requirements:

Operational system – M.S. Windows XP professional

Brauzers – Internet Explore 6.0 and higher‚ Opera‚ Firefox.

Programme provision – Acrobat Reader

Each journal number is obligatorily sent to the Tajik State National Library and also to other leading libraries‚ educational and scientific institutions of Tajikistan Republic as well.

The journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian Sciences» is being published since 2000. Up to January 2015 articles in the journal were placed in the rubriques: «Jurisprudence»‚ «Economics»‚ «Politology and Sociology», «Social Sciences and Philosophy», «Philology», «Methods of Teaching», «Recensions and Reviews». Since January 2014, in pursuance with Supplement №1 to RT Education and Science Ministry (ESM) order № 793, July 25, 2014, the journal has been divided into two series: series of social sciences and series of humanitarian sciences.

         For modern humanitarian researches of world standard two things are especially important: 1) applied character of explorations; 2) interdisciplinary approach in a choice of themes and methods of researching. In the world of the humanities the mostly required is that scientific knowledge with the help of which one can improve social life of concrete people, concrete settlements, concrete cultural groups, ethnoses, religions. Balanced development of society depends directly on a humanitarian constituent whatever spheres of social life it may pertain to. Humanitarian knowledge and enlightenment are especially important for a formation of young human individuals, enlargement of their outlook and calibre, elevation of general cultural standard and for that one of active civil position.

         The principal streamline of publications of the journal «Bulletin of TSU LBP. Series of Humanitarian Sciences» is an elucidation of new scientific explorations in the spheres of history and archaeology, philosophy, literary criticism and linguistics. The most important goal set before the editorial board and the editorial council of the journal is a maintenance of a high scientific standard of published materials which would reflect the most actual problems of both our country and modern world, bear a charge of creative ideas, serve the cause of the development of science and enlightenment. Publications of the journal reflect an unswervingly enhancing role of the humanities in a preparation of high qualification experts.

         The editorial board of the journal considers its main aim a publication of scientific articles oriented on a solution of applied humanitarian problems revealed by scientists by means of the modernest scientific methods. The role of humanitarian knowledge in educational process, scientific creation, just as in modernization of contemporary Tajikistan, is exclusively high.

         The knowledge of one`s own roots, world and home history is of no less importance for the growing generation. Therefore, the journal publishes the results of original scientific researches and reviewing articles on the mostly actual problems of home history, archaeology, ethnography, criticism of original sources, historiography; archival documents introduced into scientific circulation being presented as well.

         As for the field of philosophy, we print the articles of home and foreign specialists in the branches of history and philosophy of science, culturology, religion knowledge, philosophy of law, ethics and other realms of philosophical sciences.

         As for the field of philology, we print linguistic articles having juridical, economic, historical, ethnographic-ethnological and diplomatic peculiarities. The formers dwell on such linguistic issues as lexical-semantic, structural-semantic, morphological, syntactical correlative-typological, etymological ones and on other specificities of different languages, Iranian, Romanic-Germanic and Slavonic groups inclusive; Iranian-Arabic mutual influence at diverse linguistic levels being considered as well.


         The journal is included into the Inventory of the leading reviewed scientific periodicals and editions released in Russian Federation where major results of dissertations claiming for doctoral degree are bound to be published [«HAC (high attestation commission) Inventory»].

Editor-in-chief: Gafforov N.U., Dr. of History, Professor

Azimova M. N. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Khujand);

Babadjanova R. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Dushanbe);

Ghiyasov N.I. – candidate of philological sciences, Associate Professor (Khujand);

Dubovitskiy V. V. – Dr. of History, Professor (Dushanbe);

Yokubov Yu. Yo. – Dr. of History, Professor, (Dushanbe);

Zokhidi N. SH. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Dushanbe);

Isomiddinov Dj. B. – candidate of historical sciences, Associate Professor (Khujand);

Kateyev A. S. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek);

Mirboboyev A. K. – Dr. of History, Professor (Khujand);

Mirzoyev N. M. – Dr. of History, Proessor (Dushanbe);

Mirzoyunus M. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Khujand);

Mukimov M. A. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Dushanbe);

Nagzibekova M. B. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Dushanbe);

Nasriddinov F. A. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Khujand);

Rakhimov M. A. – Dr. of History, Professor (Uzbekistan, Tashkent);

Hasanov A. A. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Khujand);

Pirumshoyev Kh. P. – Dr. of History, Professor (Dushanbe);

Pyankov I. V. – Dr. of History, Professor (Russian Federation, Moscow);

Rakhimov N. T. – Dr. of History, Professor (Khujand);

Salimov R. D. – Dr. of Philology, Professor (Dushanbe).

Literary editors:

Shamuradova Olga Butayevna‚ literary editor of Russian texts 

Baltina Svetlana Petrovna‚ literary editor and translator of English texts

Hakimkhojayeva Madina Karimovna‚ technical editor