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Contribution of Religious Persuasions into the Development of Spiritual Culture of Tajikistan Republic


Rakhimova Nasibahon Hasanovna


The author of the article pays special attention to the actual problems of mutual relations between bearers of culture and religious traditions of different peoples and ethnical groups inhabiting today the Republic of Tajikistan. He expounds the history of upspringing concerned with religious organizations and persuasions in Tajikistan, adduces multiple statistical data on functioning Moslemic religious-educational institutions and religious associations, highlights the activities carried out by representatives of non-Moslemic persuasions living in Tajikistan: orthodox, Protestant, Catholic and that of Hebrew inclusive. The author underscores the role of state policy in preservation of interpersuasory concord. Of great interest is a suggestion related to a necessity of discussing the practice of interaction between the state and religious organizations in the aspect of solving the issues appertaining to moral-spiritual and patriotic education, studies of religion in secular school and higher educational establishments for admonishion of elicitation of religious extremism and interpersuasory conflicts.


religious persuasions, interpersuasory concord, religious tolerance, interreligious dialogue, religious organizations, orthodox church, protestant persuasion, catholic community


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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

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