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Syndetic and Asydentic Connection of Compound Sentence Parts in Russian and Tajik


Abdulloyeva Sanoatkhon Sharifovna


The author makes an endeavour to analyze scientific works on compound sentences (CSs) considered as unifications of predicative units on the basis of syntactical connection constructed according to a definite structural scheme. It is underscored that in linguistics there were moved two main conceptions of CS. Opinions were expressed that the latter should function as a unified communicative whole. Having studied multitude of CS features the major part of linguists specializing in Russian and Tajik languages came to the agreement about a significance of the role of conjunction in CS structure as conjunction is a principle means of connection and expression of relations between CS components. It is asserted that in the frames of compound sentence interaction between given meanings takes place, therefore, a creation of CS is targeted at expression of relations between predicative members and establishment of those ones referring to subject.


linguistics, conception of compound sentence, syntactical unit, conjunction, correlative analysis


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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