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Synchronic-Correlative Study of Logico-Grammatical Relations in Word-Combinations in Languages of Different Structures


Sheronov Boyirboy Gaziboyevich


The article presents the first consideration of verbal word-combinations of Tajik and Uzbek languages between functional components of which there are object relations being ones of the varieties of those which appertain to logico-grammatical type. The study of object relations bears a synchronic-correlative character as the latters refer to one of the most actual problems beset with typological trend of general linguistics. The author makes an endeavour to elicit real logico-grammatical meanings of pivotal and dependent components of verbal word-combinations with object relations, to determine the status of the latters, to analyze their functioning at syntactical level, particularly, in word-combinations (WCs). He singles out also those ones with object relations forming nominative units. Manifestation of the formers is interpreted as purpose-fullness of action towards object, its state, tool object; other meanings being admissible as well.


syntactical relations, object relations, word-combination structure, paradigm of object word-combinations, functioning of syntactical relations


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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