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Some Considerations on Translation of Poetical Texts (on the Examples of the Translations of Literary Productions of the X-th - XII- th Centuries)


Khamroboyev, Nasimjohn Abdullojohnovich


The author analyzes the peculiarities of translation of the poems referring to the X-th - th XII-th centuries from Arabic into Persian-Tajik and vice versa. He elicited central origins where the paragons of translation in question preserved, in particular, "Yatimat-ut-Dahr" by Saolibi, "Tardjumon-ul-Baloga" by Roduyoni, "Lubob-ul-Albob" by Avfi. It is underscored that the authors of mediaeval anthologies, historic manuscripts and treatises on poetology not always indicated translators . The author subjects to analysis translations of poetical fragments from the creation of poet Ibn-ar-Rumi done by Rudaki, translations of the poems by Shakhid Balkhi, Mantiki Rozi implemented by Badeulzamon Hamadoni. In the epoch in question there existed both precise adequate translations and patterns of free transposition of poetical material.


poetical works, translation of Arabic poetry, "Yatimat-ut-dahr", by Saolibi, "Tardjuman-ul-baloga" by Roduyoni, "Lubol-ul-Albob" by Mukhammad Avfi, Mantiki Rozi, Abulfath Busti, Ibn-ar-Rumi, free translation


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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