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Reflection of Khorezm Historic Onomastics in Aburaykhon's Beruni's Works


Boboyev Yusuf Abdulkhatovich


Proceeding from Aburaykhon Beruni's information, the author of the article dwells on the historic onomastics of Khorezm appertaining to ancient and mediaeval times. It is expounded that in all Beruni's works irrespective of their appurtenance to this or that branch of science there is interesting information  on an throponymy, toponymy and cosmonymy of Khorezm. It is underscored that though Beruni didn't deal with this problem purportedly some of his considerations are of great historic value; here refer: adduced names of Khorezmshakhs belonging to Afrighids' dynasty, Khorezmian nominations of lunar sites, names of such settlements as Bushkatir and Sardig, history of Fir fortress erection, legend about the origin of "Mindjiakhib" holiday. This information is not occured in other sources; the fact testifying to high and original culture of Khorezmians and their appurtenance to the Iranian world.


Абурайхон Бируни, Сиявуш, династия Афригидов, Хорезм, крепость Фир, историческая ономастика, антропонимика, топонимика


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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