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On the Textology of One Mukhammas by Zoir Khujandi Written to Bedil`s Gazel


Homidova Shamsiya Mirzorustamovna


The author of the article makes an endeavor of textology analysis of Zoir Khujandi`s mukhammas interpreting Bedil`s gazel. She conducts a comparative analysis of the mukhammas text from four editions of the book “Scholars and Men-of-Letters of Khujand” by A. Nasriddinov (three Tajik ones and that of Tehran publication) and two editions of Bedil`s “Divan”. The conclusion runs to the effect that Zoir Khujandi selected beyts for composing a mukhammas from two different gazels written by Bedil which have one and the same rhyme, metre and redif. Special attention is paid to the problem of kiroatguzini – reading variant option, it rose as the result of Arabic graphics peculiarities in the process of text transposition into Cyrillic alphabet. Suppositions are spoken out as to the causes of mixture in regard to Bedil`s gazels with similar metre, rhyme and redif in the collection of gazels by Bedil Dehlavi.


Khujand literary circle of the XVIII-th – the XIX-th centuries, Zoir Khujandi, Mu­khammas, gazel, tazmin, Bedil, text, kiroatguzini (reading variant option), A. Nasriddinov 


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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