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Juraeva M.R.


The article examines one of the most important aspects of social relationships that take place in official communication, including documents and official correspondence, through speech etiquette. Discussions about the importance of using elements of speech etiquette, in particular pronouns, in texts of official business style are presented. It is noted that one of the key factors of communicative success when concluding contracts and other commercial agreements is the timely application of verbal communication formulas in business correspondence. It has been suggested that the success or failure of the addressee or recipient who takes part in the preparation of various documents, including official letters, depends on how skillfully they can use the resources of speech etiquette, in particular the formulas of politeness and respect. The system of speech etiquette in a civilized society allows you to choose from a wide range of communication ethics words and expressions that help the addressee to be polite and respectful.


speech etiquette, official business style, pronoun, politeness, correspondence, respect, addresser, addressee, official letters


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Wednesday, 17 January 2024