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Hasanova M.I.


The given article dwells on ceremonial lexicons in connection with the ethnographic notion of wedding and campaigns and ceremonies related to wedding, because the wedding is considered to be one of the popular traditions of the Tajik nation, including Khujand. There is a difference of opinion about the wedding and its stages among the researchers of the relevant field. However, after comparing and distinguishing scholars` opinions and getting familiar with the wedding ceremony in Khujand, following some Tajik wedding researchers, these ceremonies are divided into three stages, and depending on this division, lexicons related to each stage - from the selection of the bride to the splendid wedding, the wedding itself and post-wedding ceremonies have been studied separately; the article under consideration is concluded with the analysis of the ceremonial lexicons of the first period entitled as “intikhobi arus”.


rite, ritual, dialect, vocabulary, ethnolinguistics, culture, Tajik language


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Wednesday, 17 January 2024