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Ancient Words in the System of Toponyms Spread in Sadai Miyona Area Referring to Mountainous Matcha


Odinayev Abdumannon


The author has conducted an etymological analysis of some typological names of Sadai Miyona area in Mountainous Matcha (Kuhistoni Mastchoh nokhiya) whose composition preserved ancient Tajik and Sughdian words. It is asserted that the latters testify to sustainability of toponyms in comparison with other lexical elements of the language, their less liability to change in forms and semantics. The author underscores a regularity of connection between locality name (toponym) and its natural-geographical appurtenance, illustrating his confirmation by taking a number of toponyms with the component “tund” (Tundak, Sari Tundi) as examples. Proceeding from the analysis of the components included into concrete toponyms, those ones of Revad and Shur, he adduces convincing specifications into certain considerations belonging to Albert Leonidovich Khromov, renowned linguist, researcher of Sughdian and Yaghnob languages and also vernaculars of Tajiks living in Mastchoh nokhiya. 


Mountainous Matcha vernaculars, Sadai Miyona, toponymics of Sadai Miyona area, Sughdian language, Yaghnob language, etymological analysis, A.L. Khromov


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Publication date

Thursday, 17 September 2020