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Typological Research of Phitophoric Anthroponymy of Tajiks


Khaidarov Shomat


The article presents an analysis of phitophoric names based on the Tajik anthroponymy material. The author researches the names of flowers, herbs and plants in the anthroponymicon of Iranian, Turkic and some Indo-European nations with an application of comparative-correlative and typological methods state, dissemination and use of phitophoric names in antiquity and contomporaneity are ascertained in reference to different people. It is elicited that phitorophic names both by Tajiks and other nations are used mainly in the fund of feminine names. It is shown that in Oriental culture the image of exquisite plants was always in vogue and this tradition has been lasting up to nowadays. The conclusion is made that many proper names are closely connected with flowers and other vegetation, they reflect traditions, customs, outlooks, thinking of peoples living in various regions.


anthroponymicon of Indo-European peoples, Tajik anthroponymy, phitophoric names of peoples, fund of feminine names, frequency of usage, image of exqusite plants


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