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The Contribution of Foreign Researchers into the Study of Sarasm


Rahimov Nabijon Turdialievich


The article is devoted to the participation of foreign experts in the study of the archaeological monuments Sarazm. This site belongs to the Eneolithic era. Archaeological excavations of Sarazm began in 1977 and have been continuing to the present day. The results of researches on Sarazm are of constant interest for foreign scholars. Archaeologists from many countries (Russia, USA, Germany, etc.) took part in the excavations. Scientists from the scientific centers of France are regular participants in the archaeological excavations at Sarasm (A.-P. Frankfort, R. Besenval, B. Leone, F. Brunet, etc.). The author points out that the joint Tajik-French expedition has done a large amount of researches and solved many important issues of the history and archeology of Sarazm. The publications of the French archaeologists are good presentation of the archaeological site of Sarazm in the world of science. Thus, the author notes the important contribution of foreign experts into the study of Sarazm.


archeology, eneolithic monuments, Sarazm, excavations, foreign experts, Tajik-French expedition


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Thursday, 17 September 2020