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The Role of Teachers Intelligentsia of Tajikistan Republic in Implementation of the Reform in the Educational System (1991-2011)


Mansurova Munzifa Akmalovna


The article dwells on the state of school tuition referring to the years of independence of Tajikistan Republic. It is underscored that in the early years of independence the secondary school was in a deep crisis and the prestige of education fell sharply as well. The educational system, including the teachers` intelligentsia, was not ready for a social burden in the relevant sphere. The ways to overcome objective and subjective difficulties in the field of education are generalized where the teacher's intelligentsia occupied an important role. In her article the author determines the role of the National Concept of Education of Tajikistan Republic which was the fundamental document of the educational system reformation. The article assesses the activities of individual teachers in education and upbringing of the younger generation.


system of education, comprehensive schools, teacher's intelligentsia, National Concept of Education, reformation of school tuition, teachers` activity


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