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Some considerations concerned with the notion of grammatical categories and their varieties


Sharipov A.Sh., Kuzieva N.M.


The notion of a grammatical category is considered to be one of the actual problems in the field of linguistics. Tajik linguistics needs to dwell on the notion of a grammatical category, especially from the point of view of communication and in comparison with foreign languages taught in universities, in particular. For this reason, in the article under consideration particular attentions is paid to the clarification of the relevant notion which is adduced by linguists, and the authors analyze their thoughts and points of view as well. In the course of studying the problem, the authors of the article applied efforts and paid their own attention to the coverage of the types of grammatical categories (logical-grammatical, communicative-grammatical and structural-grammatical categories).



category, grammatical category, ways of expression of a grammatical category, morphology, syntax, grammatical form, grammatical meaning.



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Wednesday, 24 February 2021