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Some Considerations Beset with Present Tenses in English and Tajik Languages


Ismatulloev Husenboy Ochilovich



The article under consideration dwells on the category of present tenses in English and Tajik languages. The grammatical category of tense of the verb is a category which expresses the relations between the time of the action and the moment of speech. We have shown different ways of how the English tense forms are expressed in the Tajik language in our examples.

In both English and Tajik, two different forms are used to describe the actions which belong to the present simple tense. We use the auxiliary verb to be in the analytical forms of the English language which literally means being. In the Tajik language the auxiliary verb будан is used which also has the meaning of being.  The difference between the English and Tajik languages is that in the English language the auxiliary verb precedes the principal verb, but this is quite vice versa in the Tajik language.


correlating study, English tense forms, Present Tense category, time of action, moment of speech, auxiliary verb, principal


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Friday, 18 September 2020