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Heroic Defence of Mahram Fortress and its Importance in the History of Kokand Khanate


Tursunov Buston Rakhmonovich


The author of the article expounds a detailed analysis of written sources where Mahram battle is elucidated – the latter is one of the heroic and tragic pages of the history of the Tajik people which took place on August 22, 1875. It is shown how Tajik together with the representatives of other nations of Kokand khanate organized a heroic defence of the fortress. There are adduced N. Korytov`s data running to the effect that the major part of the defenders perished heroically in the field of the battle, only in the vicinities of the fortress in it itself, on the Syr-Darya banks up to five thousand people were killed. It is underscored that in honour of the defenders there was issued the medal of the Russian empire “For the Seizure of Mahram Fortress”; the fact validating the historic importance of this battle. However, up to now the memory of the historically perished defenders of Mahram fortress has not been commemorated yet; the same refers to those ones who stood up for the cities of Khujand and Ura-Tyube (now Istaravshan).


written sources, Mahram battle of August 22, 1875, heroic defence of the fortress, N. Korytov`s information, five thousand perished, medal “For the Seizure of Mahram Fortress”


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