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Some views concerned with the importance of study aimed at history of holidays and tradin-tions and their types classification (on the example of the traditional culture of the ta-jik people)


Karimzoda O.K.,Isomitdinov Zh.B.


The article reveals history, nature and content of holidays and their place in the traditional culture of the Tajik people. Designing on the premise of the rich and ancient history, the author of the article provides brief information about the origin and evolution of leisure and festive national traditions. It is noted that the need to study festive rituals is based on the development of social and philosophical essence of the aspects of festivities, especially  national calendar holidays Navruz, Mehrgon, Sada and Tirgon.The study of festive rituals makes it possible to more vividly perceive the true essence of the humanity of festivities based on modern worldviews and ideas. The article analyzes a classification of the types of holidays based on the views of scientists – historians:D.M. Ghenkin, N.V. Semyonova, M. Rakhimov, S.A. Abashin, M. Nazarov. The own judgements of the authors are present in the article as well.


holidays, festive culture, traditions, rites, rituals, Navruz, calendar holidays, state holidays, national holidays.


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Publication date

Tuesday, 23 February 2021