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From the History of Gurids` State Conformation in Khorasan (1152-1206)


Sharipov Muhamad Marufovich,Toatov Habibullo Saidovich


Proceeding from written sources, scientific literature appertaining to the Soviet and post-Soviet period the author makes an endeavor to elucidate military-political rivalry between Gurids` Tajik state and Seljukids in the middle of the XII-th century and the sphere concerned with the rise of Gurids` state in the article for the first time in the home history.

In the middle of the XII-th century the famous padishakh of the Gurids state Ala-ad-Din Khusayn Liquidated Gaznevids` empire and thus delivered his country of their protectorate. Into the bargain, Ala-ad-Din managed to achieve independence on Seljukids` state. These factors became reason of soecial-economic development, political-military sphere of Gurids` state. The middle of the XII-th and the beginning of the XIII-th centuries are considered as the efflorescence of period of Gurids` state.


Gurids, Seljukids, Ala-ad-Din Gurid, sultan Sanjar, historic originals, military-political rivalry, history of the middle of the XII-th century, history of Central Asia


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