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Priority Streamlines of Tajik-Russian Relations at the Junction of the XX-th – the XX-st Centuries


Aliyeva Rafoat Rashidovna


The article dwells on the formation and development of Tajik-Russian relations in the years of independence. The ways of formation of foreign policy of Tajikistan Republic are analyzed. The author outlines that one of the  principal trends of TR foreign policy is a development of direct and multisided relations with the Russian Federation. The process of the development of manysided relations between Tajikistan Republic with Russian Federation is generalized. The author states that for today Tajikistan and Russia as equal subjects of international relations struck 250 normative-legal documents regulating actually all key positions of their collaboration.

Priorities in Tajik-Russian relations in economy, politics and humanitarian sphere are being determined. Reflecting political contracts between Tajikistan and Russian the author constantly speaks about our two presidents` working meetings whose results determine undoubtedly in much the rhythm and dynamics of the development of interstatal ties.

Characterizing the present state of Tajik-Russian relations the author comes to the conclusion that they continue to retain stability inclining towards stage by stage extension, promoting utmost consolidation of friendship and mutual understanding.


independence, foreign policy, Tajik-Russian relations, interreginal collaboration, economy, humanitarian sphere, investitures, development


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Thursday, 30 June 2016