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On Initial Stage of Confrontation Between the Representatives of Gurids Dynasty and Gaznevids in the XI-th Century


Sharipov Muhamad Marufovich


Proceeding from the mediaeval historic sources, the author of the article dwells on a scantily studied issue dealing with military-political rivalry between Gurids and Gaznevids dynasties. The author discloses the issues related to Gurids-Gaznevids confrontation resorting to the data of narrative sources including: «Tabakot-i Nosiri» by Minhoj-i Siroj, «Ta`rich-i Bayhaqi» by Abulfazl Bayhaqi, «Tarjuma-i Ta`rich-i Yamini» by Jurfodiqoni, «Habib-us-siyar» by Khondamir and etc. In his article the author summarizes comprehensively the military-political confrontation of the early Gurids and Gaznevids, in particular, the events referring to the XI-th century when Gur region was not an independent country yet and it was ruled by appanage Emirs. At that period almost in all battles Gaznevid rulers were considered as winners


Gurids, Gaznevids, historical resources, confrontation, military-politic struggle, events referring to the XI-th century, history of Central Asia


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Thursday, 30 June 2016