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Outlooks Concerned with Short Story Genre Evolution in Classical Persian-Tajik Prose


Sharifova Umeda


The article dwells on the process of short story genre evolution in Persian-Tajik literature. In conformity with scientists` opinion short story as an independent genre appeared in Persian-Tajik literature in the XII-th century. Later on the place of this genre (khikoyat) is fortified in Persian-Tajik literature. Such prosaic productions as «Guliston» by Saadi, «Spring Garden» by Djami, «Badaye-ul-vakaye» by Vosifi, «Navodir-ul-vakoye» by Akhmad Donish contain multitude of short stories.

One can consider that in the course of centuries short stories (khikoyat) served a cause of upbringing of people; each writer possessing his own individual features


short story, khikoyat, evolution of genre, Persian-Tajik prose, stylistic peculiarities, realism


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Thursday, 30 June 2016