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On «Saki-name» Manuscript Lists by Zukhuri Turshezi


Rakhmatov Bahrom Ahmadjohnovich


In the history of the literature of India written in Persian Zukhuzi Turshezi (about 1534 - 1615) is considered as one of the well-known and very productive men-of-letters. His book «Saki-Name» («The Book about the Cup-Bearer») gained especial fame, it is distinguished with specific structure and volume having exercised strong influence over a further development of Saki-name genre. The article dwells on the description of Zukhuri`s «Saki-Name» manuscripts. It is outlined that up to now correlative studies of variant reading in «Saki-Name» manuscripts have not been effectuated yet. The author gives a description of manuscripts both in the poet`s composition «Kulliyat» and in separate lists of «Saki-name» itself. In particular, the author proposes  a description of «Kulliyat» manuscript kept under #911 in the library of the Institute of language, literature, Oriental studies and written heritage under TR Academy of Sciences, a lithographic edition published in 1846 in the printing-house Nuval-Kishur (India), kept in the same library under # 3263; separate lists of «Saki-Name» being mentioned too (Dushanbe, Tashkent, Lahor, etc,).


history of India written in Persian, Zukhuri Turshezi`s creation, «Saki-Name» by Turshezi, manuscripts, description of «Saki-Name» manuscripts, lithographic editions, Kotibi Turshezi`s literary productions


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