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Methodological Aspects of Cultural Heritage Preservation and its Actualization in Modern Social-Cultural Space


Dilorom Ismailova


Proceeding from different approaches and definitions, established in world and national science the author of the article made an endeavour to work out the principle problems dealing with morphology of cultural heritage disclosing the potential utilization of objects of historic-cultural heritage in contemporary culture; understanding of its structure and dynamics and also to show similarity and differences of such basic and interconnected notions used in the course of study of the morphology of cultural heritage as “heritage” and “inheritance”. This relation is carried out by every man in the process of creative reclamation of cultural values because personal upbringing always occurs in concrete national-cultural environment. In this environment distinguished with great diversity now there is place for both modern and traditional paragons of culture significant for development and preservation of cultural identity.


culture, historic-cultural heritage, inheritance, sociocultural environment, transformation, monuments, politics, problem.


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016