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Correlation of the Truth of Life and Imaginative Phantasy in Literary Productions


Sayfulloeva Muzayana Atakhonovna


The article dwells on the correlation between the truth of life and imaginative phantasy in belles-lettres productions. Realism of the creative works written by Sadriddin Aini‚ Mirzo Tursun-zade and other prose-writers and poets often proceeded from elucidation of reality. The authors were venturesome in resorting to imaginative phantasy in their works that helped the masters of word to brighter highlight the processes of life. This tradition is skillfully used by the modern Tajik writer Mubinjohn Yusufzod in his narrative «The Way of Sodirkhon» where he reproduces realistically the luminous image of the remarkable people`s singer and composer Sodirkhon Hafiz .

Three plot lines are traced in the narrative: teacher (preceptor and pupil); love relations between Sodirkhon and Sabokhat; negative attitude of jealous singer Ibraghim to the protagonist.

 Through an imaginative design the author of the narrative generalizes the facts of reality‚ objectifies his outlook in reference to the world‚ demonstrates his creative vigour. Analyzing the plot lines the author comes to the conclusion that imaginative design occupies a noticeable place in the work in question.


real occurence‚ the truth of life‚ life panorama‚ images and vices of people‚ Ushshoqi Sodirkhone‚ methods of various depiction бражения


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015