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State and Ways of Improvement in Reference to Infrastructure of Secondary School of Sughd Viloyat at the Junction of the XX-th – the XXI-st Centuries


Akhmedov Sharif Akhmedovich, Homidov Rasul Abdukodirovich


The article elucidates in the historic aspect the state of school infrastructure of Tajikistan Republic‚ the crisis situation shaped in school education in the years of the inter-Tajik conflict and the period which followed it. The author has characterized the measures on allotting resources from the state budget undertaken by the state‚ on attraction of foreign investments and deposits of private sponsors for construction and repair of the buildings of comprehensive schools of Sughd viloyat in the post-Soviet time. The authors come to the conclusion that an increase of expenditures for the system of education‚ branch financing from statal and local budgets and also by  international organizations entailed an improvement of the infrastructure of school institutions. Special attention is paid to the method of statal-private partnership resorted to by building and repairing of schools. The author gives qualitative and quantitative  characteristics of secondary school of Sughd viloyat at the beginning of the XXI-th century.


sphere of education‚ infrastructure of school‚ construction and repair of school‚ state support‚ sponsorship‚ aid of international organizations 


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Monday, 12 October 2015