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Equonimical Relations of Zoonyms “Sheep (He) / Sheep (She)» with General Meaning in the Aspect of Fuctional-Semantic Mycrosystem


Abdualiyeva Zumrad Umarkulovna


The article under consideration dwells on a number of scientific works dealing with the study of zooonyms and their classification in semantic respect; the latters serve for an establishment of the degree of enrichment in regard to lexical units in functional-semantic plane. Here there is determined a categorical status of the notion of «equonym» that enables to elicit the arsenal of means of expression in reference to equonimical vocabulary in the aspect of interlinguistic isomorphism and allomorphism. The author canvasses the functional-semantic microsystem with the general meaning of «sheep (he) / sheep (she)» and all gender-aspectual relations expressed by different terms; a usage of the zooonym in question in the composition of PhUs‚ proverbs and sayings in correlation being in the author`s view as well.


equonym‚ zooonym‚ meanings of terms‚ gender-species notions‚ hyponyms‚ hypernyms‚  formations of structure‚ functional-semantic microsystems 


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015