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The Role of Professional-Technical Education in Reference to the Preparation of Qualified Human Resources (1991-2005)


Pulotova Munzifa Abdusattorovna


The article dwells on the role and place of M.S. Asimov in the academic milieu of Tajikistan in the period of the 60-ies –the  80-the ies of the XX-th century. She traces back the basic stages of M.S. Asimov`s presidency activity in the position of the President of Tajikistan Academy of Sciences. In her article the author attempts to embrace the versatile activities of the scholar‚ principally‚ as an initiator and an organizer of a score of scientific institutions‚ an initiator of elaboration of many branches of sciences‚ as well as his activity on the preparation of highly-qualified national human resources. One of the key moments in reference to exploration is the analysis of his philosophical ideas‚ approach to the scientific theories. She adduces interesting facts from the scholar`s biography and scientific-organizational activities. M.S. Asimov`s contribution into the development of social sciences is briefly elucidated as well.




Academy of Sciences‚ scientific institutions‚ connection between science and production‚ fundamental science‚ conferences‚ scientific activity


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Monday, 12 October 2015