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From the History of Literary Ties between Iran and Tajikistan


Pulodova Shoira Solijanovna


The article is a brief survey of the works dwelling on modern Tajik literary criticism devoted to the creation of the well-known Iranian poetess of the XX-th century Furug Farruhzod. The history of the publications of the patterns belonging to the poetess in Tajikistan is traced back by the author of the article. Critical materials devoted to Furug` s creation are divided into three groups: a) articles of encyclopedic and presentative slant; b) separate researches of Furug Farruhzod`s creation; c) the works dwelling on Furug`s influence over modern poetesses.

Special attention is paid to the receptiveness displayed by the well-known Tajik poetesses Gulruhsor Safiyeva and Farzona Khujandi in reference to their Persian sister of poetry. The author`s considerations on this account are proved by citations from the utterances and articles belonging to Farzona Khujandi.


Tajik Furughiana‚ literary ties‚ Furug`s influence over Tajik literature‚Furug and Farzona


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Tuesday, 30 June 2015