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Reflection of Woman`s Image in Mesnevi «Buston» by Saadi Sherozi


Ahrorova G. U.


The author of the article characterizes women`s images in Saadi Sherozi`s creation. The poet points out not only woman` dignities such as: stoicism‚ patience‚ maturity and beauty, but her depravity either. Saadi marks their eloquence‚ good behavior, bashfulness. The poet depicts a careful, lovely and worthy woman who is a guardian of family`s hearth. Particular attention is paid to the image of woman-mother. He gives a negative assessment of women`s behaviour as well. Women can be sly, crafty, inconstant in their feelings and egoistic. The poet invokes a woman to be pure, beautiful, devoted; to admonish men from bad roads. Creating a woman`s image, reflecting her outward appearance and inner world, praising the dignities of unique woman`s nature Saadi keeps to the opinion that a disclosure of all potential concentrated in woman is considered as his creation duty. Saadi Sherozi finds poetic imaginative means for revelation of presentation of his heroine`s images.


characteristics of woman`s image, woman`s dignity, woman-mother, sa`di creations, woman`s potential, poetic means.


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Publication date

Thursday, 21 January 2016