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Some Morphological and Stylistic Peculiarities of Verb in the Language of Gazali


Salomov Makhaddovud Kayumovich


Verb‚ being a part of speech, has some main morphological features which are expressed‚ as a rule‚ on the basis of grammatical canons. The author marks that suffixes and prefixes are the principle morphological properties in reference to a formation of verbal forms; the latters play a great role in the formation of new words with different shades of meaning. The given article presents the information concerned with word-building of the Tajik verb by dint of prefixes: me-‚ bii‚ and suffixes -id‚ -on (-onid). The usage of these morphological properties in reference to verb in poetic diction is closely connected with the mastership of the poet himself. In his article the author analyzes morphological features of the Tajik verb which do not correspond to the grammatical norm in poetic diction. Thus‚ the article contains the analysis of morphological and stylistic peculiarities of the verbs used in the language of poetry.

ния глагола в языке поэзии


morphological peculiarities of verb, word-building, prefix, suffix, poetic diction, norm, stylistics


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Tuesday, 13 October 2015