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Evincement of Some Peculiarities of Syntactical Connections (Grammatical) and their Logical Grounds in Tajik and Uzbek Languages


Sheronov Boyirboy Gaziboyevich


The article dwells on correlation of language and thinking, functioning and different types of syntactical connections on the level of word-combination and sentence. According to classifica­tion there are singled out types of word-combinations in Tajik and Uzbek languages. It is underscored that the main means of expression of the components of word-building in Tajik are prepositions, postpositions, word order and intonation; in Uzbek on additionally great role is played by the ways of formation of word-forms and auxiliary words. In the Tajik language Izafet connection is one of the characteristic types of word connection being realized in Izafet combinations. In the Uzbek language there are borrowed Izafet word-combinations and gramma­tical connection has non-functional character. The conclusion is made that subordinative connection in correlated languages occupies a considerable place in syntagramatical base of language unit.


syntactical connections, Tajik and Uzbek languages, correlation, word-combination, noun, adjective, numeral, verb, adverb


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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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