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Functions and Semantics of Prepositions and Conjunctions in "Masnavi Ma'navi by Djaloliddin Rumi


Kurgonov Zohid Dehqonovich


The shades of meaning in regard to prepositions and conjunctions from "Masnavi Ma'navi" by Djaloliddin Rumi have been analyzed for the first time. It is underscored that the elicited shades of meanings of prepositions and conjunctions in Rumi's literary production are not registered in grammar and other educational text books of the Tajik language. That's why new functions and semantic shades of meaning of the mentioned lexical elements are determined with a buttress on theoretical provisions of grammars appertaining to other languages. For example, it is emphasized that in Djaloliddin Rumi's poem there occur fourteen shades of meaning of the primary preposition "az". The given fact testifies to the limitation of the function of the preposition "az" in Modern Tajik literary language. It is marked that elicitation of all shades of meanings and assignments of prepositions and conjunctions promotes a more precise and profound perception of the sense of the verse and preconditions well-timed actualness of the theme put.


"Masnavi Ma'navi" by Djaloliddin Rumi, non-self-sufficient parts off speech, prepositions, primary prepositions, conjunctions, subordinate and co-ordinate conjunctions, history of prepositions and conjunctions, style


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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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