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Thematic Classification of Specific Musical Terminology in Russian and Tajik Languages


Eshmatova, Ilmiya Sakhobidinovna


The author has conducted a classification of the second sub-system of musical terminology. The analysis of musical terminology in Russian and Tajik languages shows that it is a unity of two subsystems. The first subsystem is a common musical terminology (designations of the subsystem being conventional and they are used only for the given case), it is “perfunctory” being more intelligible for a wide circle of language bearers. It includes names of musical instruments, musical professions, sorts of musical productions and etc. The second subsystem is a specific musical terminology – being more detailed, it is profound in it content and it is more specified. It includes nominations of different kinds of musical sounds, consonances, sonorous systems, elements of note letter, ways of sound extraction, nuances of performance features and etc. Lexico-semantic groups of the given subsystem are singled out. The author of the article adduces functioning of terms in the texts dwelling on musical interpretation, correlated Russian and Tajik equivalents resorting to their interpretation in specialized dictionaries.


musical terminology, semantic field, lexico-semanitc group, equivalent, borrowing, interpretation, functioning


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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