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The Process of Conjunctionalization in the Tajik Language


Solidkhodjayeva Shakhozakhon Anvarkhodjayevna


The author has studied the principal ways of formation of prepositions in general and those ones of the Tajik language, in particular, among which conjunctionalization occupies an important place; the term meaning a formation of prepositions by means of transition of full semantic words into prepositions. Hereby, it is defined that the form of a principal word fulfils first a connective function in a certain context, and then it may convert into an unchangeable unit; i, e. it forms a new dictionary unit. This process entails the conclusion that a definite generality of namely these new words can present an integrity of specific categorical tokens of the latter and unite transitional elements around itself, thus forming self-sufficient lexis, that of grammatical category words.


nominal-izafetial prepositions, repeated izafetial prepostions, prefixes, meaningful words, synsemantic words, lexical meaning, grammatical meaning, conjunctionalization


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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