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English Flectional Homomorphe “-er” and its Equiualents in the Tajik Language


Usmonova Malohat Ekhsonovna


The article is devoted to the studying of the peculiarities of the inflectional homomorphem “-er”and its equiualents in the Tajik language. Here it is specified that the homomorphe “-er” is able to build not only nouns, but  comparative degree of descriptive adjectives either. The homomorphemes “-ӣ”  and-ак”, and also suffixes  -гар”and-тар” are considered to be Tajik equivalents of the homomorphe “-er”. The investigation reveals that the homomorphem-er”  in modern English is a very reproductive suffix which is able to build nouns with the meaning of a doer of action or the meaning of a doer of instrumental action. The result of the  research shows that the number of morphemes with the meaning ofa doer of the action or the meaning of a doer of action by instrument is more than in English. According to this fact,  the author points out to the variety of functions of the mentioned morphemes in the Tajik language.  The   analyzed morphemes  can build not only nouns but other parts of speech either. However, the number of functions of the homomorpheme “-er” is limited; i.e. that the given morpheme forms only nouns and comparative degree of adjectives in Modern English. 


флективная омоморфема“-er”, таджикский эквивалент, суффикс, качественные прилагательные, степень сравнения, синтетические и аналитические формы, значение исполнителя действия


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Saturday, 29 June 2019

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