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Conception of Individual in Publiscistic Text


Zaripova, Shahnoza Tohirovna


The author examines and comprehends scientifically reflection of a conception of an individual in publiscistic works belonging to the well-known Tajik journalist and publiscist Hiloliyon Askar, whose productions are characterized with realism of depiction and also with artistic mastership and creative quests. It is underscored that in order to disclose a genuine image of an individual the writer delineates, first of all, social and moral qualities of his personages and after it, proceeding from sociologic investigation and analysis, he canvasses the gist of their actions in the general stream of social and cultural events. Such a made of imaginative portrayal averages two sides of his creation one of which is a cognition of events and real fortunes, and another is a dominance of creative ideas in the name of present and future society, irrespective of time and place. The conclusion is mode that the manner of portrayal of an individual in H. Askar`s works is a specific one as he depicts concrete life conditions and characters` deeds in the manner of his own.


publiscistics, journalist, essay, event, plight, individual, quality, outlook


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Thursday, 23 January 2020

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