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From the History of Feminine Entrepreneurship in Agrarian Sphere of Tajikistan at the Junction of the XX-th - the XXI-st Centuies


Bobokulova Mahliyo Abdusattorovna


The article analyzes the formation and condition of female entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector of the Tajik economy during the independence period. Information on state support and management with gender relations,  impact of public and private legal institutions aimed at an ensurance of women's activity in the agricultural sector of the republic is provided. The issues of introducing a land reform program targeted at a thorough restructuring of farms are analyzed, the role of women in access to land and credit is revealed. The gender section dealing with dynamics of the development of the structure of the private sector in agriculture of Tajikistan is analyzed, a proportion of women heading dekhkan farms is determined. The data on some successful women engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the agricultural sector are given.


gender relations, state support, land reform, women's employment, agrarian sector, feminine entrepreneurship


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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

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