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Ethnotoponyms and Anthroponyms of North-Western and Southern Sughd: History and Etymology


Ayubov Abdusalom Raufovich


The article dwells on the formation of the toponyms pertaining to north-western and southern parts of early mediaeval Sughd connected with ethnonyms and anthroponyms of Sughdian, Turkic and Arabian origin, Ethnotoponyms are closely connected with the ethnical history of their creators. They are ones of the ancientest names as their origin is associated with migration of ethnical groups or certain persons who gave rise to new settlements. The most part of ethnonyms and anthroponyms of North-Western and South Sughd sprang up in the epoch of early mediaeval ages. It was the time of invasions carried out by Tiurcs and Arabs who changed many things in the life of local population, that of Sughdians. If you study this category of geographical names you can trace the ways of migration and have information about ethnical groups who deserted the initial area being affected by certain outward factors.


ethnotoponyms, anthroponyms, toponymy, onomastics, Sughd, Sughdians, Arabs, Tuircs, Turkmens, Ogyzes


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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

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